Monday, May 9, 2011

Adoption Laws In India December 2009

Pamela & Ernesto


If we shut up and did the difference would be like two doves invisible. If we sing swear eternal love and blessing we can receive grace. I love you more than you expect to love you, and even if you want I can hear your voice alone, without making me more than an echo in my head, and when I go and I remember, I forget. And we fell silent again, and fly like pigeons different windy.


Plant together today when we started and blind, and if we remain in pairs, even better. For when we are mature and being harvested one, two and well being and we eat the fruit of a great or a bad love story.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can You Wax Your Forehead

by: Anezma

I was completely in love with her. How all the neighborhood kids. It was not surprising because she was always beautiful, I say pretty, pretty is the word. He was always friendly, mature, intelligent, playful. It was always perfect. Pamela. Pamela perfect.

I grew up with it because our parents were always friends, and neighbors and friends. I saw her crying when you lost your first tooth, and made me laugh when she smiles to show permanent small that they were going out.

I think he always liked me, something I talked and hung out with me. I was very shy, more than ever I loved it. But Pamela could always make me feel at home.

I saw her when she fell asleep watching TV because I loved to watch her sleep, he told me he liked Peter. When Peter told me that he speaks every day. When he told me he was going to marry Peter. I hate that Pedro! But Pamela never showed me.

When we changed school, Pamela also wept. He said they were going to be mean if I was not to protect her, he did not want me to have more friends. And I did.
When she moved home to only a very small apartment with his father because the mother abandoned them, Pamela was great but also wept and wept in my chest. And I was also big.

Pamela did not talk to in a long time, but always saw in my dreams. When he had gone to college, I looked more than ever. A friend who had a cousin who was a friend of his uncle who had a granddaughter who was the niece of someone who knew Pamela. And I went to see again. How when we were children, Pamela saw me at his door and smiled. I said, because even I remember: "You have a beard, and now are you taller than me. You better!" But I was so hypnotized by his eyes, his face, his body, with his words that I was silent.

talked and we became great friends. Careers were very different, but always studied together. We spent all night in each subject and from time to time our eyes met and gave support.

I think that was the time I was more in love with her in my life. I was besotted with her. Throughout my life there has always been only one woman and that woman has always been Pamela. And now Pamela shone in all its glory in my room.

was one of those nights in the studio so that when I wanted to see it again I realized I had fallen asleep. And there she stood with her eyes closed and a slight but very slight smile on his lips. Transmitting all, peace, serenity, love, life. Pamela slept. And I know that sleep because she knew that I loved to watch her sleep, so I got more mad, no longer to ignore all the words you said my head, I had to bring it about to touch your lips only to tell, because I was always a neat little how to handle it:

"I am completely and utterly in love you, Pamela "in a whisper. But Pamela woke up. I was very close to it, because I had memorized her freckles and said," Do you remember Peter? ", can not forget, you were crazy about him, Pamela." I'm still crazy about him, and that's why my feelings can not touch you, is not it, Pamela? "You are Peter, you idiot. You always have been, "but my name is Peter, my name is Ernesto, Pamela, did you forget?" I wanted that one day you realized, but the time I won, "Does time? In that time you speak, Pamela? "Ernesto, I am and have always been crazy about you. Can you shut up a second? "

A second of silence is much when you feel you exalts the heart like a bomb ready to explode. Peter, Peter is not my name, but if you were, Pamela, Peters would be all over the world just to be a little crazy for me, as I was mad because I'm mad and turned on you. You are my pendulum. You are everything and all I feel.

-Pamela, do not ever leave, I said the years of being together. Pamela could not speak as before, perhaps had no prior skin or body, or eyes, or laugh before. But his eyes had not changed, nor smile, despite he could not make sounds, Pamela told me and I felt me.

And I think that last moment is the filler of my life, why I completed not only joy but it's an infinite sadness, of anger and a great love inconsolable. Why was the last time that I felt at my side, I felt her warmth, her breath odor. From now on I can only hear in my head, and hug the wind. From now on I can only treasure in my memory and barely touch her in my dreams.